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Our Approach

When clients first begin working with Coppack, they often immediately notice differences between us and other Consultancy firms.

Where others might view your project simply as a pay cheque, we approach your business challenge as if it were our own.  We look at our time and effort as an investment in your business and a chance to build a relationship. Equating our success with yours, we join your team.

A Collaborative Approach

No one knows your organisation better than you. So we'll work with you to find out exactly what you need to achieve, and what’s been preventing you from doing it. We’ll then recommend where fresh approaches, techniques or processes that have worked for clients in other markets could also benefit you.

We’ll arrive at a solution that makes a positive difference to your organisation – in the area you most need it.

Collaborating closely builds a deeper understanding and mutual respect that allows everyone to work more creatively and effectively. Because of this bond, many of our clients have also become good friends. Maybe that says the most about how we run our business.

There are four things we bring to every project that help make that all-important breakthrough:

We’ve all worked for large organisations, and understand the challenges our clients face. That means our solutions work in practice – every time, not just in theory.
Every project is different, but not unique. We often use insights from one to help us make a breakthrough in another.
Fresh Thinking
You can be too close, too connected to a challenge to see it clearly. We bring an independent pair of eyes and a fresh approach – helping clients look at everything from a new angle.
We look at any issue and possible solution from our clients’ perspective, and that of their own customers.