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Insight + Intelligence

Some ideas don’t necessarily translate into opportunities. Market intelligence from Coppack Consulting can help clarify your true customer needs and identify realistic threats from the competition - and yourself.

High performance businesses understand the financial value of market intelligence. Whether you’re seeking to develop or enhance your products and services, you need to know what your customers want, what they are already getting and how you can improve on it.

Providing Competitive Advantages

Coppack Consulting provides the robust competitive intelligence you need to take strategic and tactical business decisions confidently. We explore and analyse your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, including overall performance, organisation, sales and marketing activity, customer reputation, pricing and product portfolio.

From this we build a clear, comprehensive view of their current priorities, capabilities and most likely future moves. We also assess the significance of our findings for your company and will help you to develop effective counter-measures, and provide better value for money for your marketing activities.

Practical Experience

We’ve all worked for large organisations and understand the challenges our clients face. That means our solutions work in practice – every time, not just in theory.

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