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Implementation + Evaluation

Committing time and money to reviewing and creating a clear strategy for the future is only of value if you are able to implement that strategy.

We’ve experienced strategic planning at first hand and know that the day-to-day requirements and demands of running a business often mean that the implementation and review of that plan can often be sidelined or delayed.

Change is a constant. Organisations often modify their business strategy to adapt to the needs of an evolving market.

Coppack Consulting as your strategic partner will establish timescales with you for the implementation of key stages of your plan and review its performance and benefits. As markets and circumstances can change rapidly, the need for constant review is fundamental to your success and, if the business case requires, your plan may need to change. Coppack will analyse the business case with you and adapt your plans accordingly.

Culture Change
Established corporate cultures can often hinder efforts to achieve organisational aims, to develop new strategy or to make organisational changes.

We understand that over time, many shared assumptions and values become embedded within the organisation and can be taken for granted. This inhibits the ways problems are solved, how people are treated, and the type of quality of products and service offered and how they are marketed.

Prior to developing or implementing a new organisational strategy, our approach is to encourage clients and workforce to become actively involved in diagnosing their own situations and helping to formulate as well as implement interventions including organisational re-design and leadership development.

Coppack Consulting will help you raise the standards across your entire business, strengthening the firm foundations for further growth and profitability.

Fresh Thinking

You can be too close to a challenge to see it clearly. Coppack bring an independent pair of eyes and a fresh approach – helping clients look at everything from a new angle.

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